Facebook officially announced, WhatsApp to support up to 8 people in group audio and video calls

We had already posted the rumors about the extension of participants in WhatsApp audio and video calls. Now the rumor has been officially confirmed by Facebook. The company revealed, the maximum number of WhatsApp participants on a group call will be 8 which is currently 4. Few days ago, we have already seen the feature is available on beta version of WhatsApp.

Facebook has not confirmed the exact roll out date for this extended participants feature update. We can expect that feature in the next Whatspp update in few days. The company also says over 700 millions people participate in audio and video over Facebook and WhatsApp.

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Privacy is a big concern when it comes to Facebook. Therefore, Facebook confirms that audio and video calls through WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted. It means that only peoples in the group call can see the audio or video call , even WhatsApp and Facebook will not access the calls.

Along with the WhatsApp feature, Facebook has unveiled messenger rooms. It will allow up to 50 people in a video call. This will definitely give a great competition to Zoom and other video calling services.

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