Facebook introduces Messenger Room for video calling up to 50 people

Video calling applications are getting crazy growth due to coronavirus. Peoples are finding secure apps with larger number of participants to get connected for various purpose. Applications such as Zoom, Microsoft teams etc. are getting huge popularity. In this meantime, Facebook is understanding the need of users and introduces “Messenger Room” service. This will allow unlimited video calling up to 50 users.

Facebook and Facebook owned WhatsApp already have audio and video calling feature. But the limit of participants is very limited. Hence, Messenger Room will be a very good choice and will give a good competition to Zoom and others. Just to recall, WhatsApp is extending it’s group video call limit to 8 users.

Facebook Messenger Room

People with no Facebook account can also use Messenger Room service. Users can join the same way as on Zoom app and also there is no limit on timing of video calling. Some of the feature includes AR effects, immersive background, mood lighting. Messenger Room gives the room users access to remove any user, lock the room to prevent more users to video calling , see the active users and more security features.

The Room contents is encrypted between participants and Facebook. There is no end-to-end encryption but Facebook says we’re working on this feature. The company promises that it does not listen pr watch your audio or video calls.

Facebook Messenger Room is rolling out country to country and will roll out globally in few upcoming weeks.

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