TikTok competitor Mitron app is now back on Google Play Store

Mitron App so called Indian TikTok is now back on Google Play Store. This app was recently removed from Play Store for violating ‘spam and minimum functionality’ policy. At the time of removal Google did not give any reason for the removal. On Thursday, Android and Google Play Vice President, Sameer Samat has the reason behind removal of the application and also given some guidance for comeback. His words are “We’ve given this developer some guidance and once they’ve addressed the issue the app can go back on play store.”

Working on the guidance provided by Sameer Samrat, Mitron app developer fixed all the issue and hence the app is back again on the play store.

Mitron app is trending in India because of the anti-China sentiment. Indian users are avoiding the use of Chinese app and start using apps made by Indian developer or any other developer except Chinese developer. Due to this reason, Mitron app has been downloaded over 5 million times in few weeks. There will be a tough competition between TikTok and Mitron app.

Another app which is removed from Google Play Store is ‘Remove China App’ . This has been removed from Play Store for violating ‘Deceptive Behaviour Policy’. According to this policy, applications can not make changes to user’s device setting and features outside of the app without permission from user. This app was also trending in India with over 1 million download in just a few week. We do not know whether this app will make a comeback or not . We will keep you update for any further updates. Stay tuned with us.

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