YouTube and TikTok app facing massive number 1 star rating from Indian users

Both YouTube and TikTok application is getting such a huge number of 1-star rating. The reason for this is the battle between YouTube and TikTok users. Initially this battle was just at the ground state, but after YouTube deleted the YouTube Vs TikTok video of Indian YouTube CarryMinati, the battle leads to massive 1-star rating for both apps. Let’s get more deeper into the whole story.

A few days ago, CarryMinati (An Indian YouTuber) had uploaded a video roasting a TikTok content creator. That video went viral in just an hour breaking so many records. That video gained over 74 million views within 7 days. After this massive views on the video, Yesterday YouTube deleted that video by saying “Violating YouTube’s policy on harrasment and bullying.”

This incident made created a huge impact on CarryMinati followers. Majority of the followers started to delete TikTok application giving 1-star review. In-response to this, TikTok users also started to give 1-star review to YouTube. Many of the carryminati followers started to tweet saying Bring back CarryMinati video with #carryminativideoback and #justiceforcarry on Twitter.

Not only carryminati followers, even some famous bollywood stars and famous YouTuber’s came to support CarryMinati.

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