YouTube India welcomes lakhs and crores type counting system removing millions and billions

Till yesterday, YouTube India was giving statistics details in millions and billions type counting system. But from today, YouTube India will give statistics details in terms of lakhs and crores. If you are in India, open YouTube application on your smartphone and you will see lakhs and crores type counting.

YouTube India lakha and crores

See the screenshot of trending YouTube videos in India. BB Ki Vines video has got 94lakhs which is equivalent to 9.4 million views.


1 Lakhs = 100K
10 Lakhs = 1 Million
1 Crore = 10 Million
100 Crore = 1 Billion

If you are having problem with lakhs and crores then this conversion will help you a lot. Thousands (k) will still keep using in YouTube India.

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As of now, lakhs and crores type numbering is only applicable YouTube India application for mobiles. This feature is currently not available on Desktop.

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