YouTube restricted users to play videos above 480p resolutions

YouTube has made a decision to restrict video streaming quality up to 480p. It means that you can not play videos above 480p. Maximum video resolution up to 480p is applicable for both YouTube application and website on mobile device. However you can watch videos above 480p resolution through computer.

YouTube is the largest video streaming service all over the world. Most of the content on YouTube is viewed through mobile device. Hence, YouTube has limited mobile device resolution up to 480p for less bandwidth consumption.

Here’s a screenshot of a 4K video streaming in mobile device. You can see that maximum resolution is set to 480p.

YouTube video resolution 480p

How to watch YouTube videos above 480p on mobile

There is a simple trick to play YouTube videos above 480p on mobile device.

  • Open in chrome or any other browser
  • In chrome browser, click on menu icon (three dots)
  • Click on request desktop site, and that’s all

By turning on desktop site, the webpage converts to page resolution as your mobile is a desktop. Hence, you get to play videos above 480p.

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