Zoom video conferencing app is not safe – Home ministry of India

Zoom video conferencing app is flagged as unsafe application by Home Ministry of India. A few weeks ago, India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) had already warned about the safety of Zoom platform. Due to lockdown conditions, People working from home, colleges and social gathering found Zoom application useful.The applications is downloaded over 100 million times through Google Play store.

Zoom Video Conferencing service

Privacy of information is much important as a result the Centre has asked all the ministers and staffs to refrain of conducting meetings through such applications. Advice: Always use such third party applications for general talk that does not contain sensitive/secret information. Using these kinds of service can share your private data.

After the government advisory, Zoom said: “Zoom takes user security extremely seriously. A large number of global institutions ranging from the world’s largest financial services companies and telecommunications provider to non-governmental organizations and government agencies have done exhaustive security reviews of our user, network and data center layers and continue to use zoom for most or all of their unified communications needs.”

Few weeks ago, Google has removed Zoom app from all employee’s computer due to security issues. Not only google, the Australian Signal Directorate (ASD) awared users regarding such video conferencing services.

Alternatives to Zoom Video Conferencing App

Here are some of the best alternatives to Zoom that are secure and cares for your privacy.

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