How to create Amazon affiliate account and earn money?

You might have heard from someone or you might have seen on the internet like earn money from affiliate marketing etc. Let us now understand what is affiliate marketing and how to create amazon affiliate account and earn money?

Amazon Affiliate Account

What is affiliate marketing?

In a very simple way, affiliate marketing is a process in which you sell someone product and gets some percentage of commission.

Most of the online shopping companies allows to do affiliate marketing and gives commission whenever a sale is generated. These shopping companies includes big brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba and many more.

Here i will tell you how to make amazon affiliate account, and i will cover flipkart affiliate and other affiliates in another post.

How to create amazon affiliate account?

Create affiliate account on amazon is quite easy. Follow the process given below.
1. Click Here to open amazon affiliate page or you can search amazon affiliate on google.
2. Click on “Join Now For Free”
3. Log in your amazon account or create a new one if you don’t have
4. Fill the details whatever is asked and click next
5. Now enter your own website url if you have and if you don’t have any website then you can create a new one for free using blogger or wordpress or any other.
Click Here to know how to create free website on blogger
6. Create Associate id of your choice and select category of products for which you want to create affiliate account and fill other details.
7. Enter payment information or you can skip this and fill later.
Congrats!!! You Amazon affiliate account has been created.

How to build affiliate links for products?

After creating affiliate account, next thing is to make affiliate links so that we can share our affiliate links and get paid whenever anyone purchases that product.
Open amazon affiliate and you will see search option as shown in below screenshot.

Generate amazon affiliate link

Now, Search the product name and you will get list of products and then click on get link.

amazon affiliate

You can create three types of links
1. Image as a link 2. Image + text 3. Text only
If you want a simple affiliate link then click on Text Only and go down and click on Short Link
Now copy your link and share

how much money and when will i get paid?

Commission of the product does not get credited to your account instantly, it generally takes more than a month to credit because of cancellation reason and other factors. You can transfer the amount directly in your bank account. As of now, minimum payout is 2500 rupees.

One more important thing is there about the percentage of commission that you should know is that there is no fixed percentage of commission on every product. Each category has different commission rate and also some of the products are there for which no commission is given.
Click Here to know about the commission rates of each category and products which does not qualify for commission.

In this way described all above, you can simple create amazon affiliate account and earn money by sharing your affiliate link of wide range of products.

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