Simple ways to earn money online

In this post i am not going to tell about ways like online typing jobs etc. Here i will tell some genuine ways to earn money online like affiliate marketing, free website etc. All the ways described below are with zero investment and no prior knowledge is required.



YouTube is the most popular and widely used video streaming service. On youtube, you can create your own content in the form of videos and publish them on your channel. After getting some traffic you can apply for google adsense. It is a google owned company used to publish advertisement where millions of peoples are earning through youtube.

First you need to create a youtube channel and upload content created by you. Do not use videos from other channel or downloaded from internet because it may contain copyright issue and your account can be removed. This is the best way to earn money if you like to create some content in the form of videos.



Second method involved creating a website. You do not need to spend even a single rupee to create your website. Website can be created for free using blogger, wordpress, wix etc. You will need to publish content to your website and after getting traffic on your website, you can apply for google adsense and earn money from your free website. Click here to know about how to create website on blogger

I would recommend you to use either blogger or wix. These are two most popular service for free website building service. Do not think to create free website using wordpress because it does not allows google adsense in free plan. You have to purchase plan, to activate google adsense on wordpress. Therefore, i suggest you to use either blogger or wix.

Click here to know the difference between blogger and wordpress.

Affiliate Marketing

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If you don’t choose from the above two options, then here is another way for you to earn money through affiliate marketing. In this, you sell someone’s other product and gets some percentage of commission. You just need to sign up on the particular website and then generate affiliate links. Share your affiliate links and whenever anyone purchases using your link, then you get commission.

Most of the big companies allows affiliate marketing. Some of these are Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba etc. Click Here to know how to create amazon affiliate account.

You can create affiliate link of all the products available on that website and generate income. You can share you affiliate link on social media accounts, on your website and share as a link to your friends.

In this post, i shared the three best ways to earn money online, however there are more methods available, i will cover that in some other article.

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