Possible Fixes to Nothing Phone 1 Green Tint and Dead Pixel Issue

Fix Nothing Phone 1 green tint and dead pixel issue

Nothing Phone 1 is currently the talk of the town. It’s primarily because of the striking design, new features, and patterns created by over 900 LEDs. These are the main points that separate Nothing Phone 1 from other mid-range phones. The smartphone got praised in the tech community, but it’s not the whole picture as many people are facing green tint and dead pixel issue on their Nothing Phone 1.

Most of the affected users are facing the green tint or green screen problem on their Nothing Phone 1, while a small portion of them are facing are reporting dead pixels around the selfie camera. Thankfully, the company has aknowledged the problems users are facing on their Nothing Phone 1.

Here’s what Nothing told Android Authority on these display-related issues:

For background, all OLED screens are susceptible to green tinting when the brightness level is set too low — this is not exclusive to Phone 1. We’re aware that some customers are impacted, the scale of which is very low. Our standards are very high and this is not the experience we want any user to have. We are working hard to improve this issue and recalibrate the display effect in an upcoming software update. In the meantime, we encourage affected users to contact our Customer Support team and request a replacement

This is not the first time we are seeing green tint on a smartphone. Phones with OLED screen are prone to have such issues. Even some of the high end phones like iPhone 12, OnePlus 8 Pro, Pixel 6 Pro, and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra had the same issue at some point in the past. Usually, it gets fixed with a software update.

Nothing Phone 1 Geen Tint, Dead Pixel Issue, How to Fix?

Here are a couple of things you can try to fix the green tint and dead pixel issues on your Nothing Phone 1.

Solution 1: Update Your Nothing Phone 1

Smartphone companies in the first have fixed green tint issues on their phones with software updates. Nothing has also confirmed that it will fix the green tint issue on Nothing Phone 1 with upcoming software updates.

When a new update arrives your phone, you get a notification for the same. In case you have missed the nofification, go to Settings -> System -> System updates to check if a new update is available.

Solution 2: Factory Reset the Device

Factory resetting the device can solve almost all problems related to the software. Several Nothing Phone 1 users were able to fix screen-related problems such by performing a factory reset.

This method was even suggested by the company to some users. A company’s spokesperson told Gadget360, “We have suggested a factory reset to some consumers and that has fixed the issue. If for some, the issue still persists, we encourage affected users to contact our Customer Support team and a replacement will be provided“.

To factory reset your Nothing Phone 1, open the Settings app, locate the reset option and do the factory reset.

Solution 3: Raise a Replacement Request

The company is offering replacement for the affected units. For placing a replcement request, you need to contact Nothing customer support.

What other issues are you facing on your Nothing Phone 1? Were you able to fix the green tint or dead pixel problem using the solutions in this article? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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