Google I/O 2020 online event is cancelled

Google has cancelled it’s I/O 2020 event due to corona virus infection. But, Google will be sending about Android updates through their developer blogs and community forums. It means that Google I/O event will not take place during the entire year 2020.

Google I/O 2020 Image

Google I/O event was scheduled to be live from 12-14 may. But, due to corona virus infection the physical event was cancelled . After this, Google has decided to host the event online .

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On March 21, Google has published a tweet confirming the fully cancellation of Google I/O event for the entire year. Tweet also tells that further Android updates will be shared through blogs and community forums.

What is Google I/O event?

Google I/O is a tradition to launch new smartphones, new smartwatches or new laptops . Apart from the new gadgets, Google also tells about the new technology and projects they are working on. Google also shares the data about Google applications that are currently in use.

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