Google once again delayed the Android 11 Beta Launch Show

Google has cancelled the Android 11 Beta Launch Show which was scheduled to go live on June 3. The company has confirmed this delay through a tweet but has not specified ant reason for the cancellation. Initially the Google I/O event was scheduled from May 12 to May 14 but got cancelled due to COVID-19. After this, Google scheduled the Android 11 Beta Launch Show for June 1 which later postponed to June 3.

The tweet does not mention any new date for the beta launch show. Reason for the delay is unclear from the company but some reports predicts the reason to be ongoing protest in Oakland, USA due to the death of George Floyd. The tweet mentions “now is not the time to celebrate” hints for the reason stated above. Google does not want to launch the beta show in such a critical time and we respect the decision. The Beta Launch Show would definitely not get as much as attention it would get in a good launching environment. We will keep you posted with the latest news , now let’s have a look on some of the upcoming feature in Android 11.

upcoming features in Android 11

  • Native Screen Recording: The Android 11 developer previews versions confirms built-in screen recording support. With Android 11, probably you will not need any third party screen recording application.
  • Touch Sensitivity: Android 11 will come with a feature to increase the touch sensitivity. It will allow you to use your screen with a gentle touch.
  • Notifications History: Notifications history allows you to see all the notifications logs received on your android device. This feature was first noticed in Developer preview version 1 and then second preview version fully confirmed it. Android 10 also has this feature but it hidden to users by default.
  • Background Permissions: Android 11 will have much more security and privacy than Android 10. It will allow you the restrict the permission in background like camera, microphone etc. So you can be more sure about your privacy. Additionally, the new feature will allow you to revoke the app’s permission which you are using for a while.

This is not the complete list of Android 11 features. We will see more features at the Android 11 Beta Launch Show.

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