Google new initiative ‘Teach from Home’ helping student study at home against corona virus

Due to corona virus, Almost 50% of the students all over the world are not able to go out and take classes. In this critical time, Google new initiative “Teach from Home” allows teachers to teach from home. And, student will be able to study from their own home. This will definitely help to reduce the gathering the student.

Google teach from home tool

What is Google’s “Teach from Home”?

Google’s “Teach from Home” is a tool that will allow students to study at home and allows teacher to teach from their own home.

Teach from Home several features includes:-

Google is investing $10 Million towards distant learning to remove barriers from learning students remotely.

For supporting distance learning , Google premium feature of G Suite and G Suite for education has been made free of cost. This allows up to 250 users to join video conferencing simultaneously. Also, it includes live streaming up to 100,000 viewers within a domain.

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