iPhone 14 Plus Not Turning On, How to Fix?

iPhone 14 Plus not turning on

Is your iPhone 14 Plus not turning on? If yes, you are not alone here. Even if you spend a big chunk of money to on a phone like iPhone 14 or 14 Plus, there’s no guarantee that the device won’t face issues. There are users who have reported that their iPhone 14 Plus won’t turn on. The good thing is that it can be fixed without taking the device to the Apple service center.

Reasons Why Your iPhone 14 Plus Is Not Turning On?

If you have charged your iPhone, but if it still does not turn on, software bugs seem to be the primary concern. It can be fixed by performing a normal reboot. But, if it does not fix, the source of the problem could be something else such as physical or liquid damage, faulty charging cable, etc.

Now that we know why the iPhone 14 Plus might not be turning on, here are some nifty workarounds that should fix the issue.

Fix: Apple iPhone 14 Plus Not Turning On

Here are a couple of solutions that should fix the not turning issue on your iPhone 14 series phone. Test the solutions in the same order on your iPhone and hopefully, you’ll be able to fix the issue.

Solution 1: Force Restart Your iPhone

A software bug could be preventing the normal boot on your iPhone 14 Plus. Also, your iPhone won’t turn on if the screen is frozen. Here, forcibly restarting the device can be very effective. Here’s how to do it:

  • Press the volume up button and release it quickly.
  • Press the volume down button and release it quickly.
  • Lastly, press and hold the side button. Release it when you see the Apple logo on your iPhone screen.

Solution 2: Charge the Device

Your Apple iPhone may be running out of battery. If you can’t turn it on, charge the device for at least 30 minutes and then press and hold the power button to check if you can turn it on.

If this solution does not work out for you, test other solutions mentioned below.

Solution 3: Use Another Charger

There could be a problem with the charger or the cable you are currently using to charge your iPhone 14 Plus. After connecting the charger to the phone, if it does not show any signs of charging, you should borrow a charger from your friend and try charging your phone. Charge the device for 30 minutes, and then try turning the device on.

Solution 4: Inspect the Charging Port

Carefully inspect the charging port for any physical/liquid damage or check if there’re any dust particles. In case if there’s any physical damage, take the device to the service center to get it repaired. If it isn’t the case, clean the charging port with a soft cloth and connect the charger. After a couple of minutes, check if you can turn on the device by pressing and holding the side button.


I hope this guide was useful. But, if the problem persists, your iPhone 14 Plus’s screen may have some issues. You can verify it by pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds. iPhones make a sound while turning on. So, if you hear a sound but the still remains black, there’s a good chance of screen damage. You should take the device to the Apple authorized service center for further diagnosis and replacement.

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