Airtel Rs 49 recharge plan discontinues and Rs 79 prepaid plan gets more benefit

Bharti Airtel

Indian Telecom operator Bharti Airtel, on July 28 announced the discontinuation of its most affordable Rs 49 prepaid recharge plan. The plan offers a talk time of Rs 38 and 100MB internet data valid for 28 days. Discontinuation of Rs 49 plan means that the users will need to recharge their Airtel prepaid sim with a minimum of Rs 79 prepaid plan to continue enjoying the outgoing and incoming services.

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The Rs 79 prepaid plan has been revised which will offer four-time more outgoing minutes with double data. It means that the revised Rs 79 plan will offer a talk time of Rs 64 and 200MB internet data valid for 28 days. The revised plan is effective from Thursday, July 29, 2021.

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The revised Rs 79 plan benefit seems interesting but on the other hand discontinuation of Rs 49 will make Aitel prepaid users tense, especially those residing in rural areas. In May, the company offered Rs 49 plan for free to nearly 55 million customers in rural areas as a part of Covid relief efforts.

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In a statement, Airtel said, “Airtel has discontinued its ₹49 entry level Prepaid recharge. The company’s Prepaid packs will now start from the ₹79 Smart Recharge and offer up to four times more outgoing minutes of usage to customers along with double data. This change is in line with the company’s focus on offering superior connectivity solutions. Airtel customers on entry level recharges can now stay connected for longer without worrying about their account balance”.

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