Apple M1 chip scores record 1.1 Million+ AnTuTu points

Other than the 5G supported iPhone 12 series, Apple also launched the M1 chip powered MacBook series this year. This new M1 chip took the performance of these new Apple laptops to another level. The M1 chipset is fabricated on a 5nm process and self-developed by Apple.

Apple M1 chip features

Now, AnTuTu shared the benchmarking result of the M1 chip. The chip has scored a record 1.1 Million+ AnTuTu points making it the first device to cross 1 Million points on AnTuTu v8. The M1 chip powered MacBook Air disguised as an iPad Pro was tested in the benchmark.

Apple M1 chip AnTuTu report

To be precise, the device has scored 1119243 points, out of which, CPU score is 282265 points, the GPU score is 538944 points, Memory score is 189921 points, and UX score 108,113 points. The M1 chip recently appeared on Geekbench and surpassed all other devices in its category.

MacBook Air and iPad Pro 4 AnTuTu comparison

Comparing AnTuTu points with the iPad Pro 4 (A12Z chip) 512GB storage variant, the M1 powered MacBook Air CPU score leads 50.65%, GPU score leads 43.78%, Memory score leads 64.98%, and the UX score is 38.66% more. On totaling, the M1 chip having a total score of 1119243 points is well ahead of iPad Pro 4 by 48.19% which has a total score of 755294 points.

For a quick recap, the M1 chip has an 8-core CPU including 4 high-performance cores and 4 high-efficiency cores, an 8-core GPU capable of performing 25,000 threads of work simultaneously, 10W power consumption, 5nm process, and can perform 11 trillion instructions per second.

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