Indian smartphone market set a new record of total shipments in a single quarter in the country

The Indian smartphone market shows a boost in smartphone shipment. The latest numbers from Canalys shows a new record in the smartphone shipment in a Quarter in India with a total of 50 million after a huge drop in Q2 2020. The report shows a total of 8 percent annual growth.

Canalys market share details

Xiaomi still remains at the top for consecutive 9 months and Samsung regained its number 2 spot in the list back from Vivo. Xiaomi sees 9% of annual growth with total shipping of 13.1 million units in Q3 2020. Samsung sees a notable 7% growth with total shipments of around 10.2 million units. Apple managed to register double-digit growth but only moved 800,000 units. [See the table below for more info.]

Canalys smartphone shipment report

According to the Canalys Research Analyst, Varun Kannan, “Ongoing tension between India and China has been a hot topic in the past few months, but we have yet to see a significant impact on purchase decisions of mass market customers. Collectively, Chinese vendors comprised 76% of total smartphone shipments this quarter, which has grown from 74% a year ago.”

According to the Canalys Researchers, “Ongoing sales at Amazon and Flipkart are a clear indication that despite the economic downturn, India’s penchant for a good smartphone, and a good bargain, remains intact”. Coming to the new iPhone 12 series, researchers says, “new iPhone 12 family will be a tough sell in India this year, as network operators do not yet have the infrastructure for mass market 5G deployment, erasing a key feature of the devices. Not to forget, Apple’s pricing strategy for its new iPhones in India needs serious consideration.”

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