‘Remove China Apps’ and ‘Mitron’ app removed from Google Play Store

On Tuesday, Google has removed ‘Mitron’ and ‘Remove China Apps’ from Google Play Store. Mitron application was trending in India for the last few week which is so-called as Indian Tik-Tok. Since India having anti-China sentiment in the country therefore ‘Mitron’ app made by Indian IIT student became so popular. It crossed over 5 million download on Google Play Store in a week and was trending at top in the ‘Top Free’ section in Play Store.

Remove China Apps

The above case relates to another Indian app named as ‘Delete China Apps’ which was also becoming so popular due to anti-China sentiment. Ass the name suggest this application detects all the Chinese app and then uninstalls all that from your phone.

Google has removed both of them from Play Store for violating Play Store policies. According to a report from News-18, entire source code for Mitron and all the features were bought from Pakistani software developer for $34 (approx Rs 2600).

A CNBC TV-18 report says that Google red-flagged the app for violating ‘spam and minimum functionality’ policy. According to the policy, the apps should provide a minimum set of functionality and a respectful user experience. Another provision of the policy mentions ‘duplicate content’. It means the app is copying content from other apps without adding any original value.

For ‘Remove China Apps’, it was removed for violating ‘Deceptive Behaviour Policy’ as per the TechCrunch report. According to this policy, applications can not make changes to user’s device setting and features outside of the app without permission from user.

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