Upcoming Xiaomi Notebook Design Teased in a New Video

Xiaomi's Upcoming Notebook teaser

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Xiaomi entered the laptop market with the Mi Notebook 14 series which was released last year. Interestingly, none of the Mi Notebook 14 series laptops launched in India has a backlit keyboard. Things are turning now, as Raghu Reddy, Xiaomi India Chief Business Officer recently teased the arrival of a new Xiaomi Notebook laptop. This time, with a backlit keyboard.

A new teaser posted on Twitter gives a more detailed look at Xiaomi’s upcoming Notebook. The laptop appears to have slim bezels all around and there’s a small cutout for the selfie camera. Below the screen, Xiaomi branding is present. The teaser does not reveal the device name or any of its specifications.

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The laptop has a large-sized touchpad and appears to have a metallic body. The design is pretty similar to the Mi Notebook Pro X 15 which was launched in China this year. It has a built-in ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the keyboard lighting to match the surrounding. Notably, a recent Tweet posted by Raghu Reddy also hints at the ambient light sensor. So, it is likely that this upcoming laptop from Xiaomi is the Mi Notebook Pro X 15 which may launch in India with a different marketing name.

As of now, things are not pretty clear now. We’ll get to know more about the product through new teasers or leaks.

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