WhatsApp audio and video calling feature rolling out to desktop users


Its been a couple of years, WhatsApp added audio/video calls features to smartphones. This feature led the app to become more popular over the time and now, it has over 2 billion active users worldwide across the devices. Back to the topic, WhatsApp is now rolling out audio and video calling feature to desktop users as well.

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The company has rolled out the audio & video calls feature to a very limited number of desktop users. As a result, most of the users are yet to use the feature. The feature is currently in beta testing, thus mass release will be done within few upcoming weeks.

WhatsApp audio, video calling on desktop

Users who have received this new feature can spot the audio and video buttons in the chat header, right next to the search icon. Users will still need to connect the smartphone to the desktop application. WhatsApp is rolling out the feature to a random number of users on a daily basis. Let us know if you are excited to test the audio/video calling feature on the desktop.

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