WhatsApp Could Stop Offering Unlimited Free Backup Storage on Google Drive

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WhatsApp offers unlimited free storage for storing backups on Google Drive. It simply means that the WhatsApp backup saved on Google Drive doesn’t count against your storage quota on Google Drive. This feature is only available for Android users, as WhatsApp on iOS doesn’t give free unlimited backup storage on iCloud. But, things may turn as Google is reportedly looking to limit free storage for WhatsApp backups.

A similar kind of news popped up on the internet a few months back. But this time, WABetaInfo has shared some real pieces of evidence, which made us believe that WhatsApp is really working on bringing such changes to the Google Drive storage quota. The screenshot shared below contains strings like “Google Drive backup changing”, “Google Drive almost full”, “Google Drive limit in effect”. All these strings points to a single thing that WhatsApp will stop offering unlimited backup storage on Google Drive.

WhatsApp Limiting Backup storage code

The strings in the screenshot suggests that WhatsApp and Google will still offer some free backup storage quota on Google Drive. We don’t know how much it will be and when this change will come into effect. For now, all WhatsApp backups on Android phones stored on Google Drive does doesn’t count against your storage quota. We’ll keep updating on this as soon as we get new information.

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