WhatsApp will allow users to share videos in select quality

WhatsApp New Feature

WhatsApp is testing a new feature for Android users which allows users to select video quality before sharing them to contacts. According to a report from WAbetainfo, this new feature is currently under testing and may be available for all the users in the future. 

WhatsApp Video Quality Selection feature

The video quality selection feature in WhatsApp allows senders to choose from three modes before sharing. These three modes are – Auto, Best quality, and Data saver. As the name suggests, the Auto mode will automatically choose the appropriate quality. Perhaps, the Auto mode makes use of network speed as one of the criteria. The second mode is ‘Best quality’, which will send the video in the best quality. And, the ‘Data saver’ model will compress the video to save data and reduce bandwidth. 

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WhatsApp Video Quality Selection feature

As of now, WhatsApp has now announced, when the Video Quality Selection feature will be rolled out. But, we can expect the feature to roll out very soon for the beta testers.

WhatsApp View Once feature

A Couple of days back, WhatsApp was found to be testing a new feature called ‘View Once’ for images and videos. It allows users to send photos and videos that can be seen by the receiver only once. After that, it automatically gets deleted. The View Once feature is already available for WhatsApp beta users on Android. 

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