Youtube launches its own TikTok rival “YouTube Shorts”

YouTube announced the launch of a new short-video feature called YouTube Shorts. It is much similar to the TikTok and other short video platforms. Recently, Instagram launched this feature called “Reels” and now YouTube joins the party.

The short video feature lives within the official YouTube application. As of now, the YouTube Shorts is only available to Indian users and later on, it will expand to other countries. YouTube already has a short video features but the Shorts takes it to another level by allowing users to create a video using video creation tools as found on TikTok and other short video application.

The maximum length of a short video can be 15 seconds and allows multiple clips to combine together. Creators can use the vast library of licensed music and background tunes to make it even more better. To create a short video, simply click the plus(+) icon and start using the feature, you will see a countdown while recoding the video. Note that, this feature is in beta testing and available only to Android users within India. Update the YouTube app, if you are not getting this new feature.

YouTube already has a huge number of userbase, and bringing the short video feature will make it more more vast and popular among the short video creators. It is just a start, let’s see how it goes? What are your thoughts on YouTube Shorts, let me know down in the comment section.


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