Here’s what the OnePlus says for ‘green tint’ and ‘black crush’ issue on OnePlus 8 display

After a week of the launching the OnePlus 8 series, some users of OnePlus 8 Pro are reporting green tint issue in the display. A user has also shared the picture comparing OnePlus 8 Pro screen with Galaxy S20 screen. Seeing the below image clear shows green tint issue on left side phone (OnePlus 8 pro).

OnePlus 8 pro green tint problem

According to users from OnePlus community forums, green tint issue appear when the 120Hz refresh rate is on and the brightness is set to low. Some users discovered that by turning on “DC Dimming” option found under “OnePlus Laboratory option gives a temporary fix for the issue. However this temporary fix brings “black crush” issue . In black crush issue, the details are unreadable at the darker areas of an image.

Later on OnePlus spokesperson said that the development team is already investigating the issue. Furthermore, it’s working on a fix to arrive via OTA update. The company has also said that the DC dimming setting can be used as a temporary fix.

Since the issue is in headline from many days, We expect than an update fixing the green tint issue will be roll out in few days. It is a software based problem not related to the display panel. OnePlus needs to fix this issue before OnePlus 8 Pro reaches United States on April 29.

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