OnePlus 8/8 Pro latest update fixes green tint screen issue

OnePlus comes into action after getting so many reports on OnePlus community forum regarding green tint issue. We have already discussed about this problem in a post. Now, OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro devices are getting OxygenOS update that fixes the issue at some extent.

For OnePlus 8 Pro, the latest update is oxygenOS 10.5.5 while OnePlus 8 devices are getting oxygenOS 10.5.4 . The latest update is not announced by OnePlus but the keen eye of AndroidPolice spotted the update. Update for both the device includes “Optimized the display effects” which fixes the green tint issue. AndroidPolice also says that, even the green tint issue seem no longer exist but the display performance is not quite well as 7T.

Latest update to OnePlus 8 Pro brings the improved touch sensitivity at the edges and motion graphics smoothness is even more better. Apart from this, some of the camera features and battery modes are improved.

For OnePlus 8, the latest update improves system stability and enhanced mobile data, Wi-Fi transmission. Both the devices brings update for white balance and focus in dark environment.

As mentioned earlier, this update to OnePlus 8/8 Pro does not match the screen performance. Therefore, we may see more updates in upcoming weeks.

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