OnePlus officially released new logo today

OnePlus is known for reshaping the future by building and implementing latest technology. But, For the first time OnePlus is redesigning it’s logo which is quite similar to the previous one. It is visible on OnePlus official website in india china and US.

OnePlus New Logo

In the above image, the left one is the OnePlus old logo and logo on the right side is the newer one. If you observe above image, you will find new logo has different style of number 1. Along with this, red background color is no longer present in new logo. Also, “PLUS” word in new logo is more bolder than the old one.

New logo looks more clear as compared to old logo. The new logo is currently live on the official website in india, china and US. New logo will be visible globally in upcoming weeks.

OnePlus Website with new logo

Above image is the screenshot of the OnePlus website in india. At the top-left side, you will find new logo is already visible. Probably OnePlus may use the new logo in upcoming OnePlus 8 series smartphones.

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