Android 10 and colorOS 7 update is rolling out for Oppo Reno10X Zoom

Oppo is giving Android10 and colorOS 7 update for Reno10X Zoom phone. This update will be given to limited number of users as a trial version. The purpose of trial is to check whether the update is stable or not and to find bugs in the updated version .

Oppo Reno10X Zoom update

How to get this update?

Follow these steps to check whether android10 update is available for your Oppo Reno10X Zoom device.

Open settings, then click on software update
Click on symbol, then click on Trial Version, Agree T&C and click on Apply Now
Now, click on System Update and download update if available.

If you are not getting the update even after following the above steps, then wait for some days. Stable update for all users will be rolled out within some days after releasing trial update.

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colorOS 7 Features

  • Improved User Interface
  • New Icons pack
  • New wallpapers
  • Text scanner
  • Multi User mode
  • Hyper boost for gaming
  • Battery boosting
  • Smart sidebar
  • Security update

Android 10 Features

  1. Dark Theme: Android 10 has inbuilt option for dark theme. So, you do not need any external app or launcher to activate dark mode.
  2. Family Link: With this feature , you can control your kids smartphone. You can set screen timing, see device location, manage their activities.
  3. Focus Mode: You can select apps and pause them. This feature will pause the notification for the selected application for specific time. So, it will help you keep focused.
  4. Live Caption: This feature automatically captions audio message, videos even recorded video. Live focus feature does not need data connection. You will find focus mode and live caption feature in digital wellbeing.
  5. Security: With each newer version of android, the security gets better. Some security features have been upgraded and bugs are fixed.
  6. Gesture Navigation: Gestures added to go backward, forward , go to homescreen and more. It makes the smartphone more easier to use and saves time.
  7. Smart Reply: You can easily reply to messages appears in notifications without even opening the application.
  8. Sound Amplifier: With sound amplifier, you can boost sound of your phone, filter background noise, fine tune.

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