POCO X3 officially confirmed to launch on September 7

Through a twitter post, POCO has confirmed that the POCO X3 launch will be live on September 7 at 20:00 GMT +8 (1:30 PM IST). Angus Kai Ho Ng, product marketing manager and global spokesperson at POCO recently confirmed that the phone will feature 64MP main camera along with some camera samples.

POCO X3 camera samples

The POCO X3 will feature a quad camera setup on the back and NFC technology for contactless payments. A recent tweet from Angus shows a charging speed comparison between POCO X3 and Samsung A71. It takes 65 minutes to charge POCO X3 from 0 to 100% whereas Samsung A71 takes 80 minutes to reach 100%.

POCO X3 charging speed

Most of the specs is a mystery now, but we are a week ahead of the launch, hence we expect to get more details soon.

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