Realme C2, Realme 5s and Realme 6 price increased by up to Rs 1,000

Earlier this week, Realme increased the price of Narzo 10A and C3 smartphone. Now, the company is increasing the price of another three model which are Realme C2, 5s and Realme 6 by up to Rs 1000. The new price will be effective from tomorrow in the offline market only.

Realme 6
Realme 6

Realme C2, 5s and Realme 6 new price

Starting with the Realme C2, two of the variant will cost Rs 500 more than the previous price in offline market. As a result, 2GB + 32GB variant will cost Rs 7,499 while the 3GB + 32GB variant will cost Rs 7,999.

Coming to the Realme 5s, the price has been increased by Rs 1000 for both the variants. Thus, the new price for 4GB + 64GB is Rs 11,999 and the 4GB + 128GB will cost Rs 12,999.

Just like the Realme 5s, price for Realme 6 also increased by Rs 1000 for all the variants. As a result, the 4GB + 64GB variant will cost Rs 14,999, the 6GB + 128GB will cost Rs 16,999 and the 8GB + 128GB variant will be available for Rs Rs 17,999.

ModelOld Price (Offline)New Price (Offline)
Realme C2 (2GB + 32GB)Rs 6,999Rs 7,499
Realme C2 (3GB + 32GB)Rs 7,499Rs 7,999
Realme 5s (4GB + 64GB)Rs 10,999Rs 11,999
Realme 5s (4GB + 128GB)Rs 11,999Rs 12,999
Realme 6 (4GB + 64GB)Rs 13,999Rs 14,999
Realme 6 (6GB + 128GB)Rs 15,999Rs 16,999
Realme 6 (8GB + 128GB)Rs 16,999Rs 17,999

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