Register for testing of OnePlus upcoming flagship smartphone before launch

OnePlus has a tradition to get reviews from people by giving a specific number of smartphone to peoples for testing purpose. All this happens before the actual launch of the smartphone. The same event was organized for OnePlus 7T, OnePlus 7T pro, OnePlus 6T and more. There is no charge to participate in this event for testing OnePlus upcoming flagship smartphone.

OnePlus Upcoming Smartphone review form
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Who can Apply for this event?

This registration is open to all users from all the world. It is also applicable to both OnePlus users as well as for non OnePlus users. Valid for both OnePlus community and non community users.

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Only 10 seats are available for this event. In which 6 seats are already occupied for OnePlus forum users. New forum users will not considered for reserved seat.

How to register for this OnePlus event?

There is a total of 10 seats available. There is a very simple process to register for testing OnePlus upcoming flagship smartphone. Keep in mind that registration will be open till 2:30PM IST, 1 April.

You will need to submit the details listed below:-

  • Personal Information
  • Preference of your creation format
  • A little test to show your competence
  • For OnePlus user: – Answer “How would you recommend OnePlus to your friends?”
  • For Non-OnePlus user:- Write the review of the phone you have used.

Process in the event

  1. Fill out Application form
  2. OnePlus Community reviews application
  3. Application closes on 1 April
  4. 10 reviewers are selected on 2 April
  5. Phone reaches to selected users before launch event
  6. Prepare review for the phone
  7. Evaluations of reviews
  8. Winners get the phone free of cost

Process of selection

Applications are selected based on their writing, photography , videography and creativity. OnePlus says “We recommends you to create in various formats so that we can have all around evaluation of your entry”. OnePlus takes your demographic informations into consideration.

The selected people will be announced on 2nd April at 6:30PM IST.

What selected peoples have to do?

All the selected people will get a brand new upcoming flagship smartphone . Smartphones will reach to selected peoples before the launch event. After receiving the phone, you need to create your own review about the phone and upload that review after launch event. In the review you also need to answer the question put by other people. Reviewers can attend Ask Me Anything after 21 days using the device.

OnePlus will evaluate your review and likes, unlikes, replies will be taken ionto account. Also you will also get a special edition phone case. If you are not able to fulfill all the requirements then you will have to return the smartphone within one month.

There is a special thing for the reviewers. Top 3 reviewers will get a chance to feature on OnePlus official social media accounts and to the OnePlus outlets as well.

Note that application for testing of OnePlus upcoming flagship smartphone is valid till 1 April. So register now and get a chance to test the flagship.

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