Samsung aims to develop a 600MP camera sensor exceeding human eyes resolution

Samsung is leading company when it comes to develop and manufacture high resolution camera sensors. Samsung is the first company to introduce 64MP and 108MP camera module. Through an Editorial published on Samsung website, Yongin Park (Head of sensor business team at Samsung) revealed that Samsung is working on 600MP camera module. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Mi 10 are the smartphone with capability to capture 108MP image.

He also said that Human eyes are said to match the resolution of around 500MP. Compared to most DSLR cameras today that offer 40MP resolution and flagship smartphone with 12MP. Yongin Park and his team is working on a camera sensor that will beat human eyes capabilities.

According to Yongin Park, “Simply putting as many pixels as possible together into a sensor might seem like the easy fix, but this would result in a massive image sensor that covers the whole smartphone. In order to fix millions of pixels in today’s smartphone that features high screen-to-body ratio, slim designs, pixels have to shrink so that sensor can be as compact as possible”.

Yongin Park did not give any details about the debut of 600MP camera. Since the details are officially announced, we expect to hear more about 600MP camera module soon.

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