How to see whatsApp status without letting them know

Using this simple trick, you can see whatsApp status without letting them know. For this, you do not need to download any application. See the below to apply this trick

Read whatsapp status without letting them know. Whatsapp Icon

Steps to follow:

  • Open whatsApp applcation in your phone
  • Click on three dots( ) , present at the top-right in whatsApp
  • Now click on Setting and then Click on Account
  • Then, click on Privacy
  • Turn off Read receipts option

By turning off Read receipts option, your whatsApp contact will not know that you have seen their whatsApp status.

This feature has advantage as well as dis-advantage also.

The main advantage, you already know that you can see whatsApp status without letting them know.

The main disadvantage is that if you turn on Read receipts option in whatsApp then you will not be able to see people viewed your whatsapp status. You will always see viewed by 0.

One more point is to be noted that, if you turn off whatsApp read receipts option after seeing whatsapp status , then they will know that you have seen their whatsApp status. So it’s better to turn off read receipts option, after their status have been deleted.

About Whatsapp

WhatsaApp is among the most popular and most downloaded messaging application. It has been downloaded more than 1 billion times on Google Play Store. Initially whatsApp was an independent company but later on in 2014 , facebook bought whatsApp . WhatsApp has over 1.5 billion monthly active users. The reason of popularity of this app is very simply designed application, easy to use. It cost much lesser data and works better even in low speed connection. This app is used to chat, sending media files, sharing locations and sending documents.

If you encounter any problem while trying this method, or if you have any query then you can comment below.

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