Download YouTube Vanced apk and remove ads on YouTube

YouTube Vanced Apk is the modified version of original youtube. This application made by XDA Developers. YouTube Vanced is ad-free and includes premium features also. This app is currently only available to android users.

Official way to remove youtube ads is to subscribe to youtube premium. Along with ad-free youtube, you will get some other cool features like pip-mode(Picture-in-Picture mode) , Background play, etc.


  1. Built-in Ad-blocking: Watch youtube videos with no-ads.
  2. Background Playback: You can play the videos in the background. It can save a phone battery. Also, It can also act like music player.
  3. Dark Themes: Dark mode is available to YouTube Vanced. To enable it, go to Settings -> general -> turn on the dark theme option.
  4. PIP Mode: Another big advantage is YouTube Vanced is that you can videos in pip mode. pip mode is like viewing in short area of your phone. And simultaneously you can use other apps on your android device.

How to sign-in on YouTube Vanced?

If you only download YouTube Vanced apk , then you can use the app. But you can not sign in with your google account. To sign-in you need to download microG application. Then you can sign in your google account on YouTube Vanced.

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