Solve YouTube Vanced sign in issue with this method

YouTube Vanced has now come up with a new version of the YouTube Vanced that removes the sign in issue. In the previous versions of YouTube Vanced, most of the users were reporting this problem. Vanced developers have now developed an app called Vanced Manager which makes it more easy to install the app and update the app.

YouTube Vanced

How to solve YouTube Vanced sign in issue

To solve this problem, simply uninstall the old YouTube Vanced app and download the Vanced Manager using the link given below. After that open the Vanced Manager, and install the YouTube Vanced and MicroG both. It will surely fix the sign in problem. Comment below, if your need any help.

XDA developers have now created a modified version of YouTube Music too. Which allows users to stream any number of songs for free without paying anything. You can download the YouTube Music (modified version) from the vanced manager.

About YouTube Vanced:

If you have ever searched about how to get rid of ads on YouTube, you would have seen YouTube Vanced somewhere. YouTube Vanced is the modified version of original YouTube application. It is developed by xda developers.

YouTube Vanced is ad-free and includes some premium features also. Currently, this app is only available for android devices.

Features of YouTube Vanced

  1. Built-in Ad-blocking: Watch youtube videos with no-ads.
  2. Background Playback: You can play the videos in background. it can save phone battery . Also It can also act like music player.
  3. Dark Themes: Dark mode is available to YouTube Vanced. To enable it, go to settings -> general -> turn on dark theme option.
  4. PIP Mode: Another big advantage is YouTube Vanced is that you can videos in pip mode. pip mode is like viewing in short area of your phone. And simultaneously you can use other apps on your android device.

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