Android 11 Beta is now available for Vivo Nex 3S 5G and IQOO 3

As the days are passing, smartphone companies are announcing their devices for Android 11 Beta 1 update. Initially, Google and OnePlus announced the Android 11 Beta update for their smartphones then Oppo and Xiaomi. Now, Vivo has announced the Android 11 Beta update for Nex 3S 5G and IQOO 3 device.

The company has built Android 11 Beta 1 for the Chinese variant of NEX 3S 5G, IQOO 3 and Indian variant of IQOO 3 4G and IQOO 3 5G model. Downloading link is given at the end of the article.

Issues in Android 11 Beta 1

  • camera notch and screen corner overlaps with the icon.
  • Front camera does not work.
  • In-display fingerprint scanner does not work.
  • When opening the chrome first time, you will not see any Google account on tapping “Turn on Sync?”.
  • In the settings, you will see “About emulated device” instead of “About devices”.

These are some of the known issues but there may be more issue or bugs. The build is not stable and hence it is only intended to use by the developers.

Android 11 Beta 1 feature

  • Device Control: This feature makes it easier for users to access and control connected devices. Pressing the power button will open the device control option.
  • Media Control: With this feature users can now quickly switch to output device like headphones, speakers etc for audio and video content.
  • Conversation: The Android 11 makes it more communication more easier by creating a dedicated section at the top of the shade for conversation notifications.
  • Bubbles: With the bubble feature, users will be able to continue the conversation while doing other task on phone. It is just like the Facebook messenger feature where you a small icon pops out for new messages called as “Chat head”.
  • Privacy: The list would be incomplete if i don’t add Privacy feature of Android 11. It adds a very tight layer of security by introducing features like One-time permission, permission auto-reset and more. One-time permission feature to gives an app to access microphone, location and camera for just one time. If any app has not been used for long time then the system will automatically reset all the permission. For apps that need background location access will need to get the approval from users to access location in background.

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