WhatsApp’s New Feature Will Let You Search Someone Without a Phone Number

WhatsApp, since its release, has relied on phone numbers as the only way users can find and connect with each other. But things could take a turn as WhatsApp is getting ready to bring username functionalities. Soon, you will be able to choose a username for your WhatsApp account and search for someone using their username.

WhatsApp has made improvements over the years in starting conversations with new contacts. Earlier, you had to save a contact before starting a chat with them, but with recent updates, you can start a conversation without saving a contact. But you’ll still need to get the other person’s contact number.

The news around the username feature for WhatsApp first broke out in May, but since then, the developments seemed to be slow, as we still don’t have an official confirmation. Now, folks at WABetaInfo have spotted some interesting in the latest version of WhatsApp for Android devices.

They have discovered that the search button in WhatsApp allows searching for someone using their username, in addition to their phone numbers and names.

Are we close to WhatsApp’s release of the username feature? It seems so, but an official confirmation is still awaited.

The username feature will be a boost to user’s privacy as they won’t have to share their phone number to connect on WhatsApp. You’ll have control over the username feature. You’ll be able to enable or disable it anytime and hide the phone number.

There’s no clarity on when the username feature will be rolled out to WhatsApp. But we’ll keep you updated with the latest developments on TheMobileHunt.

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