Xiaomi says Mi Browser is safe and does not collect user data

A report from Forbes saying Mi Browser collects user data even is spreading over the internet. The reports claims that Xiaomi collects all the browsing activity and incognito mode data of MI Browser and sends to other countries. Not only this, the report also says that Xiaomi collects data about which file user opens, status bar and phone calls. After the large spreading of this report, Xiaomi VP Manu Jain comes up with their tweet ensuring that the company does not collect any user data.

Xiaomi response:

Xiaomi statement about Mi Browser

Jain says “Xiaomi takes user privacy very seriously. Mi Browser follows similar protocols as any other leading browser does.” Further he added “Reputed and International third-part companies and organizations – TrustArc and BSI have certifies the security and privacy practices of Xiaomi smartphones and it’s default apps, including Mi Browser.”

Apart from these statements Xiaomi also shared the coding of the Mi Browser that makes their statement more effective.

The blog on Mi.com gives details about how Xiaomi collects data and protects user privacy.

According to that blog, Browser collects two types of data.

  1. Collection of user aggregated usage statistics data – In this type, Data such as system info, preferences, user interface , responsiveness, performance, memory usage and crash reports are collected.
  2. Syncing of user browsing data – In this, users browsing data(history) is synced. Sync only happens when user has signed in his Mi account and sync function is “on”.

Further on the blog, xiaomi shares coding of Mi browser confirming these two above points.

Mi Browser coding screenshots:

  1. Screen showing code for how Xiaomi create randomly generated unique tokens to append to aggregate usage statistics.
Xiaomi Mi Browser coding

2. This screen shows coding for Mi Browser under incognito mode. Screenshot shows no syncing activity in incognito mode.

Xiaomi Mi Browser  - Incognito mode coding

3. Reports from Forbes also states that Xiaomi send user data to another countries. But this screenshot confirms data is stored on Xiaomi’s domain.

Xiaomi Mi Browser - Data storage location

4. The last screenshot gives the information about protocols. It shows usage statistics data is transferred with HTTPS protocol of TLS 1.2 encryption.

Xiaomi Mi Browser - Protocol used

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