BGMI Not Showing 90 FPS? Here’s What You Can Do

BGMI Not Showing 90 FPS

Nearly after a year of the ban, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) got the green light last month from the Indian government to resume its operations. The massively popular battle royale game is now available for Android and iOS users. However, many users are not happy about it as they can’t see the 90 FPS option. If BGMI is not showing 90 FPS in the frame setting, keep reading this guide to know more about it.

BGMI is not showing the 90 FPS option in the game’s settings. The issue has been majorly reported by Android users. iOS users seem to be having no frame-related issues. As you might know already, BGMI had the 90 FPS option, before it got banned in July last year.

After the ban was lifted, the modified version of BGMI which is now available on Google Play Store doesn’t show the 90 FPS option. Does it mean, you won’t be able to play BGMI on a high frame rate? The answer is No.

Changes have been made to the game which seems to have caused the frame rate problems. However, we are pretty sure that with optimizations in upcoming updates, BGMI will support 90 FPS.

As of now, you can’t do anything to get 90 FPS on BGMI. The company has not announced when it will be fixed. However, we can expect an update containing this fix in the coming weeks. Hence, we recommend regularly checking for new updates.

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