HyperOS 2.0 Will Bring a Much-Needed Relief to Xiaomi Users

Xiaomi has already started working on HyperOS 2.0. Although the Chinese brand hasn’t officially confirmed it, the source code of Xiaomi’s update server for HyperOS does.

We don’t know what the new HyperOS version has in store for us, but the anticipation is high. But there’s one feature that every single Xiaomi user (including me) has been waiting for years, and it’s the ability to disable ads.

According to some leaked screenshots, Xiaomi is testing a toggle in the Settings app to disable “Ads in System Apps”. This will allow users to disable all system ads in a single click.

As of now, Xiaomi users have to turn off the MSA (Xiaomi System Advertiser) app and then disable ads for apps one by one. It’s nothing but a headache for most users, and therefore the new option (currently in testing) will be a big relief.

We don’t know when this feature will come to Xiaomi devices. However, some believe that it will be integrated into the next major software upgrade, which could be HyperOS 2.0. Clearly, it’s a big step from Xiaomi to improve the user experience, but the waiting period seems too long.

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