Realme 9 Pro 5G Users Can Early Access Android 14 (Realme UI 5.0)

Realme has announced Android 14 x Realme UI 6.0 early access program for Realme 9 Pro 5G users in India. So, without waiting for public release, you can get an early taste of Android 14 on your Realme smartphone. For this, you have to know a couple of things and apply for the early access program.

Early access is the final step before Realme rolls out the update to all the users. This gives users a chance to early access the build and provide feedback to the brand. Before you rush to get the Android 14 update, please note the things that are not working.

Known issues:

1. When using floating windows, you may not be able to slide the desktop; you can pull down the status bar to fix it.

2. Glance Lock-screen is not available in realme UI 5.0 Early Access; this function will be available in following versions.

What’s New About Realme UI 5.0 Early Access

[Pantanal Service]

- Adds Fluid Cloud, a way of creating with morphing forms that allows you to view up-to-date information at a glance.


- Immediate Shelf by adding more widget volumes.

[Security and privacy]

 - Immediate photo and video-related permission management for immediate access by apps.

[Performance optimisation]

 - Immediate system stability, the launch speed of apps and the readiness of animations.

[Aquamorphic Design]

- Upgraded Aquamorphic Design with a natural, refined and refined colour style for a more refined colour experience.

- Adds Aquamorphic-themed ringtones and revamps the system notification processes.

- Immediate system animations by making them even worse.

To be eligible for the Realme UI 5.0 early access program, your Realme 9 Pro 5G must be updated to the required firmware version: RMX3471_11 . C. 20 | RMX3471_11 . C. 21

How to Apply for Realme UI 5.0 Early Access on Realme 9 Pro 5G

  1. Open the Settings app and tap About device.
  2. Tap on Version.
  3. Click 7 times on the Version Number to enable Developer Mode.
  4. Go to Settings and select About device.
  5. Click Realme UI 4.0 banner at the top.
  6. Click three dots (menu button) in the top right corner and select Beta program.
  7. Select Early Access and click Apply Now.
  8. Submit the required details and finish.

After your application is selected, you’ll get the Android 14-based Realme UI 5.0 early access version RMX3471_14 . 0.0.80 (EX01) on your Realme 9 Pro 5G.


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