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IG Wrapped Android

IG Wrapped for Android: You Shouldn’t Use It

Vicky Kumar

Wrapped for Instagram, popularly known as IG Wrapped, has been a trending topic among creators. The new Wrapped app takes ...

How to Add Your Own Music to Instagram Story

How to Add Your Own Music to Instagram Story, Posts, and Reels

Vicky Kumar

Can’t find the song that suits your Instagram Story, post, or reels? No worries. There are easy ways to add ...

No sound on Facebook videos in Chrome

Fix: No Sound on Facebook Videos in Google Chrome

TMH Desk

Facebook is no longer just a messaging platform. It has grown to other areas as well such as videos and ...

Instagram Reels not monetizing

Instagram Reels Not Monetizing, What to Do?

TMH Desk

Gone are the days when creating short videos was just for fun and building followers. They can now be monetized ...

What to do if your Instagram account is suspended

What to Do if Your Instagram Account Is Suspended

TMH Desk

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with over a billion active users. It has a set ...

Facebook videos not showing or playing

How to Fix Facebook Videos Not Showing or Playing Issue?

TMH Desk

Facebook videos section or the videos appearing on your feed are quite engaging as they are based on our interests. ...

Instagram Won’t Let Me Post

Fix: Instagram Won’t Let Me Post [2024]

TMH Desk

If you are struggling to post a photo, video, reel, or story on Instagram, we have the solutions you’re looking ...

Instagram notifications not working on Samsung

Fix: Instagram Notifications Not Working on Samsung

TMH Desk

Instagram notifications offer a quick way to stay up to date without even opening the app. You get a notification ...

Reels option not showing in Instagram

Reels Option Not Showing In Instagram, How to Fix?

TMH Desk

Though Instagram already has over a billion users, the Reels option alone has brought millions of new users to the ...