IG Wrapped for Android: You Shouldn’t Use It

IG Wrapped Android

Wrapped for Instagram, popularly known as IG Wrapped, has been a trending topic among creators. The new Wrapped app takes a dig into your Instagram usage and presents valuable data in an eye-catching format.

If your favorite creators are using IG Wrapped, you might also be looking to use this tool. Since most smartphones use Android OS, a lot of users are asking if there’s a way to use IG Wrapped on Android.

In this post, I’ll tell you everything about Instagram Wrapped.

What Exactly is Instagram Wrapped?

Instagram Wrapped is a third-party app that shows your Instagram usage habits and other exciting data. It’s much like Spotify Wrapped which shows your listening habits of the year.

IG Wrapped shows you:

  • The number of hours you spent on Instagram this year
  • The number of people who blocked you
  • Your top friends of 2023
  • The number of people who took screenshots of your posts
IG Wrapped Android screenshots

While seeing and sharing this data with your friends and followers is super cool, IG Wrapped accuracy is a big question mark. I’ll discuss more about it in the next section.

Is IG Wrapped Available on Android?

Wrapped is available on Google Play Store, but it’s not the app you’re looking for. The Wrapped for Instagram app, which everything is talking about, is only available on iOS.

But, since Instagram Wrapped is getting so popular, a developer (MARH STUDIOS) has published it on the Google Play Store.

When I installed this app on my Android phone and opened it, I quickly realized that it was a completely different app.

Here’s a screenshot of the app:

IG Wrapped Android app screenshots

The only motive of the developer was to get downloads and make money. So, the bottom line is that Wrapped for Instagram is currently unavailable on Andriod unless you want to download this ugly app.

Why You Shouldn’t Use IG Wrapped?

Wrapped for Instagram is too lucrative to ignore. But you need to be too cautious here.

Wrapped for Instagram is developed by Wrapped Labs. The developer has no online presence. Even the website listed on the App Store page is non-functioning at all. It’s a red flag.

The Wrapped app is designed to match the look and feel of the Instagram app. In my opinion, it’s been designed in that way to make users feel like it’s an official app.

Wrapped for Instagram is not safe and secure at all. To use this app, you’ll be required to give the app access to your Instagram account. So, your Instagram account may get compromised in the future.

Another big reason to avoid using Wrapped for Instagram is the inaccurate data. A lot of users, including me, have found the app to be showing incorrect data. For example, in my case, it’s showing much higher Instagram usage than I have used this year.

When asked about IG Wrapped, a Meta spokesperson said, “This app violates our terms and we’ve asked Apple to remove it from the App Store.

There are so many reasons to avoid Wrapped for Instagram. But if you have already used it, I recommend immediately changing the password and enabling 2FA.

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