WhatsApp for Android Gets New Text Formatting Tools: How To Use It

Reading texts can be boring if not formatted correctly. For years, WhatsApp on Android has had basic text formatting options, such as Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, and Monospace. Now, you’ll be able to format texts in more ways, as WhatsApp is adding new text formatting options on Android.

The new text formatting options have been spotted in the latest version of WhatsApp beta for Android app version 2.23.21. WhatsApp has reportedly added three new text formatting options: Code block, Quote block, and Lists.

Here are quick summaries of new WhatsApp text formatting options:

  • Code block: WhatsApp is making it easier to share and read programming codes. It’s useful for programmers or software developers to even to anyone to highlight a specific part of a message.
  • Quote block: You can use it to reply to a specific part of a message. To use it, just add “>” (without quotes) and write your reply.
  • Lists: As the name suggests, you can use it organize the message into a list. Add *, -, or numbers before the message to create a list.

Here’s a screenshot demonstrating the use of these new text formatting options.

These text formatting are new to WhatsApp for Android, but the desktop and iOS versions already have these. Currently, the update is available for the WhatsApp beta users, however a wider rollout should begin in the coming days or weeks.

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