Xiaomi HyperOS Is Coming to These Devices in India

After the recent HyperOS global announcement, the Chinese tech brand Xiaomi has announced the HyperOS availability in India. The brand has confirmed that Xiaomi HyperOS is coming soon to the country through a post on X (formerly Twitter). In fact, Xiaomi has also revealed the first set of devices to get the HyperOS update in India.

Xiaomi announced HyperOS in China in October 2023 and has already rolled out the update to several devices. Now, the company has slowly started revealing HyperOS details for its Indian customers. The brand has confirmed that the Xiaomi 13 Pro and Xiaomi Pad 6 will be the first set of devices to get HyperOS update in India.

The upcoming Redmi Note 13 series launching on January 4th in India will most likely run MIUI. However, at the launch event, the brand may reveal more details about the HyperOS.

HyperOS: Is It Another Name for MIUI?

Xiaomi HyperOS could be a major step towards building an ecosystem. From phones to wearables to even the newly announced car, HyperOS should be able to communicate with other devices seamlessly, similar to what Apple has been doing for years.

It’s not just about better integration of Xiaomi products; there are a lot more that HyperOS offers. The company has put in several years of effort to build it from the ground. So, it should be completely different from MIUI. The newly developed HyperOS relies on Linux and Xiaomi’s self-developed Xiaomi Vela system to offer seamless communication with other devices. It’s a lightweight OS and uses minimal resources, compared to its competitors. So, it should work better even on devices with low RAM and less powerful chipsets.

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