Xiaomi HyperOS Is Going to Be a Messy Upgrade for Older Devices

HyperOS was supposed to bring a new chapter to Xiaomi devices in terms of software updates. Nobody was expecting Xiaomi to repeat the same mistakes it did with MIUI. But Xiaomi being Xiaomi hasn’t stopped doing things in its old ways.

Xiaomi has invested years in building new software from the ground up, focusing on better performance and connectivity with other Xiaomi devices. The new HyperOS delivers on most of its promises – it’s fast, responsive, and easily integrates with other Xiaomi products. No problem till now, but Xiaomi is still maintaining the same software with different versions of Android OS.

If you remember, Xiaomi used to have the same MIUI version with different versions of Android. It creates confusion among users. No other brand follows this kind of confusing software rollout. With HyperOS, we expected Xiaomi to end this trend, but the company to be keeping up with its older practices.

Recently, HyperOS builds for the Redmi K40, Xiaomi 12X, and Redmi Note 12 Pro 4G were spotted on the server, and these builds were based on Android 13, not Android 14. So, they will eventually get the company’s refined HyperOS update, but it’ll be based on Android 13.

Xiaomi has already released the HyperOS update to newer models, and all of them got the Android 14-based HyperOS update. So, it seems older Xiaomi devices will get the new HyperOS update with an older taste of Android.

Hopefully, Xiaomi will learn lessons from other smartphone brands, such as Samsung, which is doing exceptionally well in the software rollout. All Galaxy devices have a clear-cut software update policy, unlike Xiaomi devices. As a result, Xiaomi users are always in the dark if their device will get the next major OS update.

Xiaomi, it’s time to improve the software rollout.

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