Samsung Galaxy A72 One UI 6.0 Update Tracker

Samsung Galaxy A72 One UI 6.0 update tracker

Track the progress of Android 14 and One UI 6.0 update for your Samsung Galaxy A72 in this post. I’m regularly updating it to include the latest developments around Android 14 for your Galaxy phone.

Android 14 is an exciting upgrade, and the One UI 6.0 skin at the top brings additional features and customizations. For instance, there is a redesigned Quick Settings panel, camera app improvements, additional lock screen customizations, and more.

Samsung Galaxy A72 Update Policy

The Galaxy A72 is guaranteed to receive the Android 14 update.

But how many more Android OS upgrades will your device get?

Samsung has promised to release three Android OS updates to the Galaxy A72. Since it was released with Android 11, the device won’t receive any more OS updates after Android 14.

Android 14 will be the final major OS update for the Samsung Galaxy A72. But, the company will keep sending security updates for an additional year.

Samsung Galaxy A72 One UI 6.0 (Android 14) Update Status

[February 2, 2024]: Samsung seems to have forgotten to release the update in more regions. So far, it has gone live in limited regions, including Russia. And a lot of users are waiting for it. Anyway, we’re closely monitoring it and will keep updating you here.

[January 5, 2024]: The wait finally ends, at least for the users in Russia. The Galaxy A72 users in the country are now getting the One UI 6.0 update. It comes with the firmware version A725FXXU6EWL4 and has a download size of 2.2GB.

[December 13, 2023]: Samsung has released a One Ui 6.0 roadmap for India. According to it, the Galaxy A72 should receive the update this month.

[November 22, 2023]: Samsung has released a One UI 6.0 update roadmap for Germany. According to it, the Galaxy A72 users should get the One UI 6.0 update in December. But, we don’t have an exact date. You can check this page again for fresh updates.

[November 20, 2023]: Samsung has released the stable One UI 6.0 release timeline for South Korean users. Unfortunately, the Galaxy A72 is not on the list. So, we may have to wait a little bit longer for the One UI 6.0 update. But, I’ll keep my eyes open for new information and keep you updated on the same on this blog.

[October 27, 2023]: Samsung is sending a new update to the Galaxy A72 users in some North American countries. Hold your excitement; it’s not based on Android 14. The latest update only brings the October 2023 security patch.

[October 4, 2023]: The wait has come to an end, as Google has released the stable version of Android 14. It will be available for eligible Google Pixel first, before other devices.

[September 25, 2023]: The September security update is expanding to Galaxy A72 users in India. It’s a huge 1.3GB update that includes updates to several stock apps, including Samsung Notes Adds-ons, Samsung Kids, Notes, Health, Members, Calculator, and Voice Recorder.

[September 20, 2023]: Finally!!! Google has now released Android 14 QRP1 to eligible Pixel devices. QPRs (Quality Platform Releases) are focused on bringing bug fixing and stability improvements. We’re very close to the stable release.

[September 14, 2023]: The September 2023 security patch is now available for the Galaxy A72 users via the latest update. It’s currently rolling out in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine, but should expand to other regions in the coming days.

[September 6, 2023]: Google kicks off Android 14 beta 5.3. Those running beta 5.2 should receive an OTA update for the latest beta update.

[August 25, 2023]: Android 14 beta 5.2 has been released.

[August 18, 2023]: Google was expected to release the stable Android 14 this month, but it seems we have to wait a little more, as another beta rolls out to Pixel devices – Android 14 beta 5.1.

[August 10, 2023]: Another beta update is rolling out. It’s called Android 14 beta 5. As you might have expected, the beta update brings improvements and bug fixes. There are new features as well, which you might want to play with if you’re a beta tester.

[July 27, 2023]: It’s time for Android 14 beta 4.1. It brings lots of bug fixing. The update will be available for Pixel 4a or later, running the beta version of Android 14.

[July 11, 2023]: Google has now released Android 14 beta 4. It is slowly rolling out to the beta testers. In addition to bug fixes and improvements, the beta 4 brings several new features.

[June 19, 2023]: Samsung Galaxy A72 picks up the June 2023 security patch with the latest update.

[June 14, 2023]: Android 14 beta 3.1 is now live to fix known bugs, including issues with fingerprint unlocking. The latest patch also includes the June 2023 security patch. Those already enrolled in the beta program can update to the latest build.

[June 7, 2023]: Google has released Android 14 beta 3. It’s the first release to Platform Stability. It means that developers could start working on finalizing their apps for release.

[May 25, 2023]: Android 14 beta 2.1 is now available for Google Pixel devices. It includes bug fixes and improvements. If your device is running the Android 14 beta 2, update to beta 2.1 for fewer bugs and a better overall experience.

[May 10, 2023]: Google has released Android 14 beta 2 with more fixes and improvements. It also adds several new features.

Several smartphone giants have announced that they will release the beta update to select devices, giving users an early taste of Android 14.

[April 28, 2023]: The Galaxy A72 is getting a new update to bring the April 2023 security patch. It’s currently rolling out in India, with more regions to follow soon.

[April 26, 2023]: Android 14 beta 1.1 goes live. It includes bug fixes and improvements to the first beta update.

[April 12, 2023]: Things are going as planned, as Google has now released the first beta build of Android 14. Anyone with a Google Pixel can install it and test out upcoming features and changes.

[March 8, 2023]: The second developer preview version for Android 14 is out. It gives you a quick look at some of the upcoming features in the next Android OS.

[February 8, 2023]: Google has announced the first developer preview version of Android 14. It’s intended for developers who want to test very early builds of Android 14.

If you are not a developer, avoid installing developer preview builds, as they may contain lots of bugs and errors.

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