How to See Hidden Apps in Samsung Phones?

How to hidden apps in samsung phone
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Hiding app is cool and sometimes important. If your phone has apps that shouldn’t be accessed by your children or another person, hiding them is a good option. If someone has mischievously hidden apps on your Samsung phone, or if you have hidden some apps and forgotten how to access them, read this guide to know how to see hidden apps in a Samsung phone.

Samsung’s One UI is a clean and feature-rich custom skin. It offers dozens of useful features such as app hiding, built-in call recording, lock screen customization, RAM Plus, and more.

How to See Hidden Apps in Samsung

Follow these steps to know how you can see hidden apps in your Samsung phone.

Step 1: Open the Settings app.

Settings app on Samsung

Step 2: Scroll down to the Home screen and tap on it.

Home screen option in Samsung

Step 3: Click Hide apps on Home and Apps screens.

Hide apps option in Samsung

Step 4: You can see all the hidden apps on your phone.

See hidden apps in Samsung phones

Step 5: To unhide an app, tap on it and click Done

That’s how you can easily see all hidden apps on your Samsung phone. Browse this site to read more exciting posts.

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