Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Android 14 Update Status

S21 FE Android 14 update

Wondering when your Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will get the Android 14 update? You’re at the right place. In this guide, I will share the latest information about Android 14 for your Samsung Galaxy.

Android 14 brings several super exciting features and improvements that lots of Android lovers people are excited about. For instance, the One UI 6 has more lock screen customizations and a redesigned Quick Settings panel that looks better and clearer. The camera app has been improved to make resolution switching easier.

I’ll share more about Android 14 in the later part, but for now, let’s get back to the topic.

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Will Samsung S21 FE Receive Android 14 (One UI 6) Update?

Yes, the S21 FE is eligible for the Android 14 update. It will come with One UI 6 skin at the top.

The device was released in 2022 with Android 12 OS. So, according to the company’s software update policy, it’ll get four OS updates until Android 16.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Android 14: Latest Information

[November 22, 2023]: Samsung has released a One UI 6.0 update roadmap for Germany. According to it, the Galaxy S21 FE users should get the One UI 6.0 update in December. But, Samsung usually pushes the update earlier than its timeline for some devices. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Another piece of information for Galaxy S21 FE is that the device is getting the November security patch update in Europe.

[November 18, 2023]: Now, the S21 FE users on Verizon carrier are getting the November 2023 security update. It fixes over 60 vulnerabilities to improve the overall device security. The update also brings stability improvements and fixes several bugs for a better device experience.

[November 14, 2023]: It’s time for another software update. No, it’s not the Android 14 update. Instead, a security patch update – November 2023 security patch. The update is currently rolling out in the US with version G990USQS9EWK1.

[November 1, 2023]: Galaxy S21 FE users in India are also getting the October security patch. It has a download size of just over 200MB and carries the firmware version G990EXXS7EWJ5.

[October 21, 2023]: The Galaxy S21 FE is getting the October security update in Europe. It is rolling out to the US-unlocked models as well.

[October 13, 2023]: Samsung has released One UI 6 beta for the S21+ and S21 Ultra. It’s yet to be released for the S21 FE.

[October 11, 2023]: The October 2023 security update is now rolling out to the S21 FE users in the US. It fixes over 40 security vulnerabilities and is tagged with the PDA version G990U2SQS7EWI2.

[October 3, 2023]: After Europe and India, the S21 FE users in Brazil are getting the September security update. It can be identified by the firmware version G990EXXS7EWH7.

Not just Brazil, the US is also getting the September security update. But, we still don’t know when the One UI 6.0 beta is coming.

[September 29, 2023]: The September 2023 security update for the Galaxy S21 FE is now rolling out in India. It has a download size of just over 200MB.

[September 22, 2023]: One UI 6 beta is now available for the Samsung S21. But, we don’t know when it’s coming to the Galaxy S21 FE.

[September 19, 2023]: Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is getting the September 2023 security patch update. It is currently rolling out in Europe with the firmware version G990B2XXS5EWI1.

[July 18, 2023]: The Android 14 internal testing for the Samsung S21 has begun.

Samsung One UI 6: Top Features

Improved Quick Settings Panel:

One UI 6 Quick Settings panel
One UI 5.1 (left), One UI 6 (right) | Image Credit: Android Authority

As you can see in the screenshot above, the Quick Settings panel in One UI 6 is looking clean and more productive. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons get a separate space, and the brightness bar is moved below for easy one-hand access.

Camera App Improvements:

One UI 6 camera app
One UI 5.1 (left), One UI 6 (right) | Image Credit: Android Authority

There haven’t been significant changes to the Camera app in One UI 6, but Samsung has made it easier to change the resolution in photo and video mode.

The Camera app now has three Quality optimisation settings: Maximum, Medium (for less optimisation), and Minimum (for no optimisation).

One UI 6 Camera app can now scan documents without needing the Scene Optimizer to kick in.

More Lock Screen Customizations:

One UI 6 gives you additional options to customize your lock screen. You can change the size of elements and choose from more fonts and styling to make it more appealing.

Improved Notification Panel

One UI 6 Notification Panel
One UI 5.1 (left), One UI 6 (right) | Image Credit: Android Authority

In addition to a Quick Settings panel changes, the notification panel is also getting modifications. The latest One UI version adds separation to notifications. Although it takes space, the notifications now look better and cleaner.

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