Fix: Hulu Not Working [2024]

Hulu Not Working
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With over 45 million subscribers, Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services. A Hulu subscriber is unlikely to get bored with content as the streaming service offers a truckload of content. You can watch live TV channels, movies, or TV series.

Unfortunately, many users can’t take advantage of the Hulu service, as it has stopped working for them. If you are also in the same boat, don’t worry. There are solutions to quickly fix the problem, which are described below.

Hulu Not Working, How to Fix?

Hulu not working issue on your smart TV, firestick, or any other device can occur due to a variety of issues. Here, we’ve curated some effective solutions to fix this issue. So, without further ado, let’s move on to the first solution.

1. Check Hulu Server Status

Before testing any fix, you need to make sure that there’s no issue on Hulu’s servers. Even major sites like Google go down sometime, hence we can’t eliminate the possibility of temporary outages.

Unfortunately, Hulu itself does not show us the server status. But, you can use to see reports from other users that eventually show whether the streaming service is having a widespread issue.

Hulu on downdetector

If the streaming service is down, you can’t do much rather than wait for the engineers to fix it. Usually, it takes 1-2 hours. Hence, check Hulu again after an hour.

2. Update Hulu App

An outdated version of any app can be a source of problems. If you have not recently updated the Hulu app, chances are that it is still running an older version. Go to the application store on your device, search for Hulu, and install the latest version.

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3. Restart Hulu App

Manier times, restarting the application fixes common issues such as the app not loading, freezing, etc. If Hulu is not working on your device, you should restart the Hulu app and check if the problem is fixed.

Close the Hulu app, remove it from the recent apps section, and open the app again. If you use Hulu via a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.), close the tab, exit the browser, and open again.

4. Check Device Limits

Much like any other streaming service, Hulu puts a limit on the number of concurrent devices per account. You can stream Hulu content on two devices simultaneously. If two people are already using your account, ask one of them to stop streaming.

5. Check the VPN Connection

Hulu does not block traffic coming via a VPN connection. With this, you can enjoy contents that are not available in your region. Although VPN works just fine with Hulu, there are cases when a VPN connection has caused many problems. I’m not saying that stop using VPN. A better approach is to use a reliable VPN provider.

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The VPN server your device is connected to may be down. It could be a reason you cannot stream content on Hulu. For now, turn off VPN, and restart the Hulu app. Now, play a video and check if the problem is fixed. If it works, you should change your VPN provider or use it after some time.

6. Uninstall and Reinstall the App

There could be some software issue with the Hulu app, which is not allowing the app to run. It has done the trick for many users and hopefully, this solution will work for you too. First, close the Hulu app, then uninstall the app.

Once the app is removed, open the application store, search Hulu, and download the app. Sign in to your account and start watching your favorite content.


Not being able to stream your favorite content on a streaming platform like Hulu is definitely frustrating if you’ve got some free time from the hectic schedule. In this guide, we discussed the problems and their solutions, too. I hope you liked this article. Which method did the trick for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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