Here’re the Major Upgrades in One UI 6.1

Samsung has announced its flagship smartphones of 2024 – the Galaxy S24 phones. The latest Galaxy S-series phones also bring a new One UI version that has been working on over the years.

Well, Samsung has kept the same design language with no new interface elements. You’ll be hardly able to tell any difference until you start exploring the AI features, which have been the company’s focus of 2024.

What’s New in One UI 6.1

These are the major additions to One UI 6.1:

Click to Search with Google

You can search for any items showing up on your screen. Just hold down on the home button and circle the item you want to search. Your phone will quickly pull up appropriate Google Search results.

It’s like using the Google Lens on any screen just by circling the item. It’s an exciting addition to Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Convert Any Video in Slow-Mo

You can get a slow-mo view of any video stored in your Gallery, even if the video is not recorded using your Samsung phone. All thanks to artificial intelligence.

Live Translate During a Phone Call

For years, smartphone companies have been working to reduce the language barrier, and this move from Samsung seems a huge step forward. You can listen to the real-time translation of the other person on a phone call. Not only that, the device can also be set to respond in other languages by converting your voice.

Writing Assist

Samsung Keyboard also gets AI integration. It can help you translate to different languages or rephrase your text. It should work with all the apps on your device.

Browser Assist

The browser assist can give you a short summary of a webpage. It can also translate the web page into your preferred language. It has been baked into the Samsung Internet browser, but I’m not sure if Chrome and other browsers also support it.

Generative Wallpaper

Finding a perfect wallpaper can be time-consuming. It can even cost you a few bucks. Not anymore. You can give text prompts to your phone to generate wallpapers of your choice. [Tip: Don’t be cheeky with text prompts. The more details you give, the better will be the output.]

Photo Assist

The Gallery app gets smarter with advanced intelligence. You can use it to move objects and people around in an image. You can also resize or remove them completely. The Gallery app also lets you change the angle of the image and fill in the gaps using AI.

Note Assist

The Notes app in One UI 6.1 can summarize the texts for you. It can even format the notes, translate, and correct the spellings. If you take a lot of notes, these AI features can be incredibly useful.

Voice Recording Assist

The new recording app can transcribe recordings and generate a short summary with bullet points.

Android Auto Assist

Android Auto is smarter with AI capabilities. If there’s a chat going on, the AI will summarize and deliver the most important information. It will also offer contextual quick reply options based on the previous messages sent to you.

Before You Leave…

These AI features sound great, but not all of them are not coming to older Galaxy devices. Samsung has confirmed to Android Authority that many of the Galaxy AI features introduced on the S24 series will come to previous Galaxy models, including the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5, and Galaxy Tab S9 series.

Which Galaxy AI features excite you the most?

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